October 5, 2022


Second Chance Farm is a rescue home for unwanted horses. Hope Farrier and her sister are struggling under mortgage debt and the crush of financial demands that the rescue operation creates. One of her long time supporters is dying of cancer, and she bequeaths Hope an immediate gift of company stock worth millions for Second Chance. She adds strings to her gift by requiring that her son, Devlin, become Hope’s business manager and asks Hope to evaluate Devlin’s character and work expertise. She believes that Hope will decide to be an advocate for Devlin in his bid for CEO of his mother’s company. About this time, Hope begins to experience a series of dangerous “accidents.”  While sparks fly between them, Devlin and Hope race to discover who is the cyber-thief draining the company of funds and who is endangering Hope and Second Chance Farm.

What a totally fabulous read this was! I was first captivated by Maggie Toussaint’s book trailer for No Second Chance which can still be seen on her website.

The film of the wild horses running is just beautiful and the suspenseful teaser about the story suggested that it was just my kind of read. And it certainly was! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book totally in one sitting, but I just couldn’t put this one down. It is an exciting romantic suspense novel with some sensual content that is presented as a natural part of the story line.

Toussaint makes the struggles and heart wrenching challenges of animal rescue work come alive through Hope, a brave and likable character who has overcome much personal adversity already in her life. Fears that she learned early haunt her, making her current situation all the more poignant. Devlin is a man with a good heart who is allowing the stresses and problems of his mother’s company to take over his life. Unlike many workaholic characters, Devlin is immediately endearing for his honorable motivations of love for his mother and desire to keep the family business stable during this time of transition and trouble.

This book is a keeper for me, and while I reviewed the eBook, I plan to purchase the print version for my personal Keeper shelf. I encourage others to check this one out; not only is it a great read, but it is benefiting a good cause. Ms. Toussaint is generously donating proceeds of this book to Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue in Lisbon, MD. Find out more about this wonderful horse rescue operation at www.defhr.org, or check out Ms. Toussaint’s website.

Reviewed by Crystal