June 9, 2023


Fourteen years ago, Bullet Catcher Dan Gallagher was an undercover FBI agent.  His key role in infiltrating and bringing down a huge drug and money laundering cartel both made his career and broke his heart.  As the bust was going down, he sent his seventeen year old lover, Maggie Varcek, fleeing into the night, heartbroken with the knowledge that she had been a pawn in a government sting.  Now Maggie’s drug lord boyfriend, Ramon is out of prison, and Dan knows Maggie, believed to be the informant in that long ago sting, will be a prime target for revenge.   Once he finds her, can he convince her to trust him enough again in order to let him protect her and those she loves from the wrath of the Jimenez family?

Hunt Her Down is a non-stop, breathtaking, nail-biting ride of pure adventure and second chance romance.  Those Bullet Catcher men just DEFINE yummy, and Dan Gallagher is no exception. His strength, perseverance, patience and skill make him a bodyguard that any woman would drool over.  This novel begins at Lucy Sharpe’s party, exactly where the previous book, Now You Die, ended.  While fans will love the continuity, new readers will be able to fully enjoy Hunt Her Down as a stand-alone romantic suspense.

With bad guys popping up from every direction, the tension and suspense never lets up, and new twists and turns keep the readers guessing and gasping even when they think they understand all. As with all the previous Bullet Catcher novels, I very highly recommend Hunt Her Down.  Those Bullet Catchers just keep getting better and better.  And Hooray! The next Bullet Catcher is due in a bookstore near you at the end of this month.


Reviewed by Crystal