June 5, 2023


Danni Jones always believed her mother had abandoned her, and that her clairvoyant gift was more curse than blessing. She’s learned to be content living alone until a stranger appears, first in her visions and then on her doorstep with claims that her family has been searching for her.

Sean Ballagh tells Danni that he has come to bring her home to Ireland, but there’s something about his story that doesn’t ring true. As the questions compound, Danni knows the only way to get answers is to follow Sean—she just didn’t think she’d be following him back in time to her forgotten past where nothing is what is seems.

Erin Quinn has written a fascinating book full of mystical intrigue and passion. I was absolutely hooked from page one! This isn’t your typical time-travel romance. It’s unique and complex with just the right hint of Celtic lore and magic. I loved the fresh, evocative way Ms. Quinn presents Danni’s vision, as if the present just falls away and she is suddenly immersed in a different reality. Each time Danni had a vision I got chills up my spine.

I loved both Danni and Sean. They are complicated characters that have each endured heartbreak and tragedy, yet together they somehow manage to make each other whole. Erin Quinn does an amazing job with their characterization, slowly peeling away the layers as the story progresses to reveal something new and intriguing about them.

In fact, the whole book is like one big tightly woven web. Each time you believe you’ve figured it out, you find a new thread you must unravel in order to discover the truth. I love how Ms. Quinn intertwines past lives, time travel, and Celtic mysticism to create such a beautiful, passionate and timeless love story.

HAUNTING BEAUTY is so far above your typical run-of-the mill paranormal romances. I savored every page and still wanted to reread it when I reached the end. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait for HAUNTING WARRIOR!

Reviewed by Cindy