June 9, 2023


Once, Elyesha and Ben had a love that bordered on the obsessive… but Ben walks away, leaving Elyesha brokenhearted. Elyesha calls upon her powers as a witch, a servant of the goddess Hecate, and has been searching for Ben ever since. What will happen when Elyesha finds Ben once again? Is happiness within her grasp this time or will she be left alone once again?

FORETASTE OF FOREVER is a dark, almost disturbing book. In fact, the beginning had me concerned with the obsessive, almost fanatical nature of the relationship between Elyesha and Ben. But Christina Phillips knew exactly what she was doing as the book takes an unexpected and yet brilliant twist. I won’t spoil the details but suffice to say that the ending more than satisfied my earlier qualms about the tale as all the pieces fit perfectly together as the story unfolded.

Christina Phillips does a magnificent job at creating an eerie, haunting atmosphere. Her use of imagery is nothing short of genius as she paints images that evoke emotions out of the reader. Some of the images are quite erotic in an almost artistic sense. FORETASTE OF FOREVER is a creative and unique little gem that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Bravo, Christina Phillips!

Reviewed by Anne