March 21, 2023


A priest and his goddess are willing to sacrifice anyone or anything for power… and now thirty Ophidian women are missing. John Merrick knows it’s time for him to emerge out of hiding and gather together the other Archons for a meeting, but there are just a couple of problems. Not only is he the only male leader of a weresnake nest, but he’s also believed dead by all the Archons, including his former fiancée, Elise Rizdon. Will Merrick’s plan work to rescue the missing females in time? And will Elise forgive him, especially when he shows up under the guise of being mated to another woman?

ENTWINED BY FAITH is the first book in the American Ophidians series but fans of Stella and Audra Price will note the intersection with the Knossos West series. S.A. Price once again shows that snakes can be sexy even as the heat is toned down to sensual rather than their usual blazing hot. Don’t think this detracts from the story, however. Instead, the sensual nature of the snakes is never more evident, as we see their wild spirits shining through.

S.A. Price has written a winner! The taut plotline and the constant danger lurking at every corner increase the tension as the reader anxiously turns the pages. S.A. Price does a marvelous job at integrating subplots and smoothly fitting all of the pieces together. The secondary romances developing within the plotline make the happily-ever-after all the more satisfying. Brilliant!

Reviewed by Anne