June 9, 2023

And in the Real World Season 2 Episode 6 with Debbie


Vegas… just the name evokes certain thoughts. Some think of gambling and brothels when they think of Sin City; others think of sports like boxing or the bright lights of the city. I’ve read books, watched boxing matches on tv at the MGM, and seen the photos of friends who have visited Vegas but I’ve never made the trek myself… until this summer.


We only had a short trip planned so we crammed as much into it as we could, from the typical to the downright odd. We saw the Tournament of Kings show, toured the strip, saw the Hoover Dam, stopped along Route 66, and then saw my bucket list item: the Grand Canyon.  Everyone told us the heat would overwhelm us but honestly the heat back here in Florida right now is far, far worse. My main gripe with Vegas is the smoke in the casinos as I just can’t breathe then. And yep, I paid for my visit to the beautiful city as I’m dealing with a summer cold and “airplane ear” (I always get a cold after too much exposure to cigarette smoke).

My return home to hot, humid Florida has me trying to rescue certain plants in my garden that are not handling it well. I may lose a couple plants a bit early this year.  But was it worth it? Oh yes, I’m already planning another trip to Vegas- but this one with a lot more time at the Grand Canyon and far more day trips to see the surrounding beauty! It’s so different from Florida, all that dirt and reds, as I’m used to the green all around me in Florida. I have tons to share, both pictures and memories, but for now I’m going to curl up with a good book and get well while reliving the fun we had in Vegas!