June 9, 2023

#FIT Readers Weekly Check-in April 11- Debbie

I haven’t checked in for a while because I’ve been at what feels like a complete standstill as I can’t do a whole lot of exercise. I haven’t wanted to post as I don’t want to sound whiny but since I’m now at the stage where I’m moving forward, here’s what is going on:

I’ve had to be careful about my knee since I was 21 (pedestrian meets car, knee one of the unhappy victims of that collision). In the last year or two, however, it had started to swell and then ache just a bit- more frequently than I would like. I would treat it my usual way and even got some meds from the doctor when that stopped working. Unfortunately, now it just won’t stop hurting- and yep, you guessed it! Arthritis has officially kicked in! So… I’m researching natural alternatives (arnica cream is THE best!) and taking a glucosamine supplement. The doctor’s orders? Don’t bend, squat, lift, twist, turn, or expose it to cold or wet weather. Um….

I’ve rested and rested but now it’s gardening season and you know what? I’m readyto move just a bit no matter what. So in the meantime, I’ve tried to watch my caloric intake quite a bit and last week I tried walking and then gardening.  My knee didn’t seem any worse than it has been so today I will do round two of my gardening that requires squatting, bending, etc and I’m just going to start taking it slowly from here. Wish me luck!

I’ll continue to check in periodically with how I’m doing. Keep up with Kelley and I here at CK2S Kwips and Kritiques all year long as we both work towards a happier healthier lifestyle!