March 21, 2023

And in the Real World Season 2 Episode 2 with Debbie

And so the gardening season has begun….

This year, we are sticking to the things we know worked for us last year (well, except for the blueberry bush we decided to try!). So far, I’ve got a few tomatoes and peppers growing while our lemon tree is starting to bud once again. I’m excited! Working in the garden and digging up that fresh soil just makes me feel so much more connected to the earth.  And even better, it’s good exercise for my #FITREADERS challenge!

We definitely ruled out trying cucumbers again this year. Last year, not only did we not have a single one actually grow, but they attracted a whole host of nasty little critters. The final straw for me was the multitude of spiders *shudders*

Temps are pretty high here in Florida, hotter than the norm. It actually feels more like summer than spring. On the positive side, that means plenty of rain showers and that means less watering of the garden for me (and my husband!).

Oddly, gardening also draws me towards reading different books than I read the other times of the year. I’m mainly an urban fantasy reader but I find myself reading more cozy mysteries and books with a nature theme once the gardening bug hits me. Do you find yourself changing your reading habits at different times?

#FIT Readers Weekly Check-in April 11- Debbie

I haven’t checked in for a while because I’ve been at what feels like a complete standstill as I can’t do a whole lot of exercise. I haven’t wanted to post as I don’t want to sound whiny but since I’m now at the stage where I’m moving forward, here’s what is going on:

I’ve had to be careful about my knee since I was 21 (pedestrian meets car, knee one of the unhappy victims of that collision). In the last year or two, however, it had started to swell and then ache just a bit- more frequently than I would like. I would treat it my usual way and even got some meds from the doctor when that stopped working. Unfortunately, now it just won’t stop hurting- and yep, you guessed it! Arthritis has officially kicked in! So… I’m researching natural alternatives (arnica cream is THE best!) and taking a glucosamine supplement. The doctor’s orders? Don’t bend, squat, lift, twist, turn, or expose it to cold or wet weather. Um….

I’ve rested and rested but now it’s gardening season and you know what? I’m readyto move just a bit no matter what. So in the meantime, I’ve tried to watch my caloric intake quite a bit and last week I tried walking and then gardening.  My knee didn’t seem any worse than it has been so today I will do round two of my gardening that requires squatting, bending, etc and I’m just going to start taking it slowly from here. Wish me luck!

I’ll continue to check in periodically with how I’m doing. Keep up with Kelley and I here at CK2S Kwips and Kritiques all year long as we both work towards a happier healthier lifestyle!

And in the Real World Season 2 Episode 1 with Debbie

Last week was Spring Break and so we made our trip to SC to see my parents and visit the lovely Myrtle Beach. Ah, there is nothing more relaxing than watching the sun rise over the ocean, listening to the soothing sound of the waves, and of course kicking back with your favorite books! Of course my Kindle was fully loaded and ready to go (the first thing I packed, of course!). The week started off a bit on the cool side but that also meant we had it more to ourselves. As the temperature heated up, the Spring Breakers started pouring in. After all, who doesn’t love the beach, especially after a cold winter (okay, well not so cold if you live in Florida but… you get the point!)?


This year we decided to get adventurous. After all, you only live once, right? So….I took my first helicopter ride!


It was exhilarating and I can’t wait to do it again! Perhaps when we go to Las Vegas….

Anyway, the days flew by far too quickly as time at the beach definitely goes faster than time at work (for some odd reason!).  In the meantime, I’ll continue to look at the pictures and remember the peace and calming of the ocean. Life has been a bit challenging lately and so the trip was more than worth it!