June 9, 2023

#FIT Readers Weekly Check-in February 7- Debbie

The last couple weeks have been challenging as I’ve had some slight physical ailments that have me on a reduced exercise regime. However, today I should be back into the full swing of things again. Regardless, the key thing is that I have persevered so far this year in the year long challenge to better health hosted by The Geeky Blogger and That’s What I’m Talking About. ! I despise exercise and no, it’s not a matter of finding the “right” exercise for me to enjoy. I’d seriously rather be sitting on my butt reading my Kindle than exercising so just for me to keep going at it is a great accomplishment!

I have found one thing to help ease the mental pain of exercising a bit. I’m continuing to use my wonderful new bluetooth speaker my husband got me for Christmas along with my Kindle Fire to listen to my audio books. I’m not as thrilled about my current read- it’s a zombie book, of course (I listen to lots of zombie books!) but it does help encourage me to actually move my rear end to even start the exercise. I’m using a combo of workout videos, mainly boxing, pilates, and yoga.

And seriously… check your calories! ARGH! I checked on my favorite sandwich at Panera and I’d be better off eating a little burger at 5 Guys! Yes, more things I’ll have to keep an eye on as my job often has me on the road and packing a lunch just isn’t an option many times.

I’ll continue to check in periodically with how I’m doing. Keep up with Kelley and I here at CK2S Kwips and Kritiques all year long as we both work towards a happier healthier lifestyle!