March 21, 2023

#FitReaders Weekly Check In Week 4 – January 25 – Kelley

I missed last week obviously, but I didn’t want to miss another week without a check-in. I have completed the first four weeks in the year long challenge to better health hosted by The Geeky Blogger and That’s What I’m Talking About.

Goal refresher:

1. Be ready to run my first half marathon in April. I did change the plan I am using to one that is 4 days of running and one of cross training, with two rest days.

2. Lose at least 45 lbs over the year.

I had my first 10K in several years on January 17. I finished the race in about 4 minute UNDER my goal which was great! I also only walked maybe about 5 minutes total of the entire race. That officially ended my Couch to 10K program.

The final week of my 10K program and the first week of my half marathon training were the same week but it all worked out. I’ve still only been managing 3 running days with my schedule, but I did get my cross training day in and hit the total number of miles expected for week 1. Week 2 was off to a great start until a few days ago when I injured myself. I strained the tendon in my left knee, which brought by training to a screeching halt for at least a week. I have another 10K on February 1 which I may end up walking. After I finish the race, I’ll decide if I need another full week off like the doctor suggested or if I feel like I can start training again without risk of further injury.

There likely won’t be an update next week since I can’t exercise, but I’ll plan to post after my upcoming race!

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