February 3, 2023

#FitReaders Weekly Check In Week 2 – January 11 – Kelley

I can’t guarantee I’ll remember to post every week but we’ll see if I manage it even every couple weeks at least. When I do remember to post, it will be on Sundays most likely, since my workout week runs Sunday to Saturday. I have completed my first week in the year long challenge to better health hosted by The Geeky Blogger and That’s What I’m Talking About. I kept my goals pretty generic to make them more doable for me.

My biggest goal is to be ready to run my first half marathon in April. That involves building endurance and cardio 6 days/week. Running 3 days and 3 days cross training. So it’ll keep me busy through April for sure. By then I will have hopefully relearned good habits to carry me through the year. I’d also like to lose a good 45 lbs to be back at my ideal weight.

This first week I didn’t manage my 6 days, but I did get in 3. Ran 4.5 miles Sunday and Wednesday and did a 5K Saturday with some friends. Next week I have my first 10K in about 4-5 years and I’m hoping to run the entire thing. That will be the official end of my Couch to 10K program and the start of my Half Marathon training.

Keep up with Debbie and I here at CK2S Kwips and Kritiques all year long as we both work towards a happier healthier lifestyle.