June 9, 2023

And in the Real World Season 2014 Episode 3 with Kelley

It’s been a while since I was able to get in here. I had a family emergency that took me out of town for three weeks and I’ve been trying to play catch up. But I’ll save that story for another time. I’ll also try to get back on schedule with posting on the proper day. For this week, I thought I’d go for the comedic factor. My cats are very good at providing entertainment with their antics. And on that note… Take it away Amun!


A Day in the Life… of the Fur Kids

Saturday 3/15

Amun here reporting in. I’m not real happy with mommy right now. She stuck me in a cage as soon as she got up from her all night nap, after leaving me and my brother and sisters home alone ALL day yesterday when she knows my toe hurts so much. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she took me in a big noisy machine to that place I hate more than anything. It smells yucky there and scares me. She STILL was not done! We won’t even talk about the indignity of what those mean and scary people call “checking my temperature!” Then they stuck these fuzzy things inside my ears knowing they hurt me too! THEN they take me away from mommy to shoot watery stuff in my ears and stick more fuzzy things in them. Still not enough torturing of me today. They shaved all the fur off my toe, messed with my claw, and made me cry it hurt sooo much! Then they put all this cold wet stuff on it that burns.

Mommy still wouldn’t take me away from them! They stabbed me with sharp pointy metal things in three different places (Supposed to keep me “from getting sick” and my “toe from hurting”, they said). FINALLY she saves me and puts me back in the cage. This time it was ok though because she was taking me home. But she was just teasing me, how cruel! We get home and she tried to make me eat a really yucky food she called “medicine” to “make me feel better.” She wouldn’t even let me bathe my toe since I know that is always the best way to make boo boos feel better. All I wanted to do in stay safe in a box sleeping and she kept taking me out to “check and make sure my toe isn’t yucky and to keep me close to “watch me and make sure I’m ok.”

Mommy is SOOO mean to me! It’s a hard life being a proud kitty like me. Even harder when I hurt and don’t feel well and she won’t leave me alone the ONE time I keep crying and begging her to just leave me be! Then she went and left me AGAIN for the night! We had SOOO much water pouring from the sky, bright flashes of light, and terrible sky booms! I was already scared and hurting then that happened! I was terrified! Can’t I just have some peace and quiet and alone time? I’m traumatized for NINE lives after today’s torture!!!!!

Mommy Kelley’s Response: Geez Amun! Dramatic much? I was just trying to be a good mother and keep you healthy and if you weren’t complaining you were pouting. Sometimes I have to do something that hurts you or scares you to keep you from hurting more or making you sick later. Haven’t I made it up to you by giving you 5 times as many treats as usual and all the snuggles you are always asking for, going so far as to nip my ear, chin, nose, or finger when you think I’m neglecting you? Such a drama queen!

Tuesday 3/18

Amun here again. If you ever tell my mommy about this I’ll say you’re lying, but I am feeling a lot better now though I’m still not quite myself yet. My ears aren’t bothering me anymore and those three places they stabbed me are better again. My toe still hurts but not as bad as it did. I don’t even feel like I need to clean it all the time anymore. I still won’t let mommy touch it though. She keeps trying and I keep fighting. I even halfway forgive her for taking me to that terrible scary smelling place and torturing me like she did. I only needed my box the first day when I came home. I even was playing with my baby sister Molly the other night chasing the red dot. She did all the running, I just stayed where I was until the red dot got close, then I pounced! I’m back to sleeping with mommy again and have been for a couple days. I like stealing her pillow though to pay her back for torturing me. I still get mad if my brother and sisters get too close to my sore paw and I smack them HARD. I like to pretend I still hurt a lot though so mommy will give me more treats and attention. But she STILL keeps leaving me for long times. Doesn’t she know it’s all about ME? I need all her time and attention!

But guess what? My brother Aker isn’t feeling too well either! His ears are yucky and hurting like mine were. Now he’s the one getting tortured! Mommy stuck those fuzzy things in his ears tonight. She also put cold wet stuff in his ears that she calls “medicine.” (Did you notice that she keeps using that word? I don’t know what it means, but it must be bad because we ONLY get it when we don’t feel good.) This “medicine” is left from when Molly came to live with us last summer and her ears were all yucky like ours are now. So now Aker is mad at mommy too! He usually sleeps next to her but he won’t get very close tonight so she can’t touch his ears. He keeps shaking his head really hard trying to get that cold wet stuff out. Mommy says it will make him feel better but he doesn’t believe her either! I don’t feel bad for him at all! His torture isn’t nearly as bad as mine was. We’re both jealous of Sheba though because mommy isn’t doing anything to her like she is to us. Sheba is so lucky she’s not getting tortured too! Molly is safe also. Aker and I are planning a revolt!